Issues concerning ministries/departments

  • To continuously identify more and more Goods and Services to be brought within the ambit of the rate contract system and GeM.
  • To maintain continuity of the Rate Contracts as far as possible.
  • To adopt consistent and uniform policies and procedures.
  • To simplify the documentation and procedures.
  • To update the procurement specification in keeping with the latest/current trends of technology usage.
  • To arrange procurement of quality goods.
  • To have interaction with the indenting departments to have a feed back on the services rendered by DGS&D.
  • To have "Information Facilitation Centres" at main offices of Supply and Quality Assurance Wing and to maintain a Register at the Information Facilitation Centre for the visitors to record their complaints, remarks and suggestions, if any.
  • To arrange expeditious inspection, if desired by user department on receipt of the inspection call.
  • To arrange the Zonal Committees' Meetings in respect of Zones/ Regions once in six months and to discuss, interact and co-ordinate with the representatives of Trade and Industry and the nominees of the Indenting Departments, the concerned State Governments, Public Sector Undertakings, Director in charge of Procurement of the Member States and the representatives of the important suppliers located in the Region etc.
  • To bring out Annual Booklet containing details of Rate Contracts.
  • To bring out Monthly Bulletin containing supplementary information on the Rate Contracts and other relevant aspects of purchase.
  • To publish in centralized public procurement portal and DGS&D website, the tender notices..
  • To impart training in Supply & Quality Management to the staff and officers of Government Departments, Autonomous Bodies and Public Sector Undertakings and to render consultancy services to these organisations to the extent possible. Over a period of time, this facility is expected to be extended to Private Sector also.
  • To maintain databank of suppliers, specifications etc. for items required for Disaster Management.
  • To bring to the knowledge of States / PSUs, the details of the Consultancy Services being offered and to provide professional services to maximum users., Ministry of Commerce and Industry : External website that opens in a new window, My Government : External website that opens in a new window, Make in india : External website that opens in a new window, Digital India : External website that opens in a new window, Skill India : External website that opens in a new window, Startup India : External website that opens in a new window
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